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The Award-Winning Reading Light

Nachteule (German for "Night owl") is a smart, portable book light that clips onto any glasses, headphones or headband

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Why 100,000+ customers love the Nachteule Book Light

"Lightweight and just bright enough for what I’ll be using it for. I’m an orthodontic assistant and didn’t want to spend $400+ dollars on a loupes light. I have tried other cheaper loupes lights that are in the $40 range but they are either too bulky/heavy or just plain useless/cheap. 10/10 recommend this light to hygienists and dental assistants!"

"I ordered this little lamp because I use three different e-readers, but I also like to enjoy one of my print books in bed. And the lighting is really rubbish. Tested this morning right after the night shift. And I was really amazed at the high luminosity of this little lamp. Let's see how long the battery lasts. So far I'm very impressed."

"Exactly what I am looking for. I use it for work as a nurse in an ICU to prevent my patients from waking up from lights. These are narrow enough to see what I am looking at in a dark room. Battery seems to hold up more than 3 shifts (12hrs). Will buy more as they go along."

In the box

Nachteule comes with a protective case, charging cable (micro USB), headband (for those without glasses), and a user guide.
We conscientiously try to avoid excessive use of plastic.

More than just reading

While out vision for Nachteule was to re-imagine the reading light, our customers quickly showed us the many more use-cases.
Truly it's a clever little light that can be used in a wide range of situation.

Perfect gift

Brighten up someone's day! Nachteule is ideal as a travel book light, reading light in bed, or for hobby & crafts. Take it with you anywhere and protect your eyes from strain and fatigue!

Moneyback Guarantee

If you are not happy, neither are we. At Nachteule, we take pride in making a great product, but we also understand that it's not for everyone. If you have any concerns, please get in touch with us and we will make it right!

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About the Nachteule Team


iF Product Design Award

The Nachteule Reading Light shines not just on your page, but in the design world, having been honored with the prestigious iF Design Award. Recognized for its exceptional innovation, functionality, and aesthetics, this accolade celebrates Nachteule's commitment to excellence in design and user experience

Red Dot Design Award

Nachteule has also been awarded the renowned Red Dot Design Award, a testament to its outstanding design quality and creative innovation. This award highlights Nachteule's success in combining form and function to meet the needs of avid readers, setting a new standard for reading lights worldwide

Over 100,000 happy customers

While this is not an award, it means more to us than any accolade. Thank you for supporting us through 2023, and we look forward to serving you in 2024. Thank you for being an integral part of our story

This is the very best reading light I've ever bought! It works perfectly and I'm so happy that I found it! It's really the greatest! I've bought so many other reading lights and this one is the only one that worked.


This is my fourth book light for reading in bed. Two clip on's and one tablet light. None worked well. They were either too heavy or clumsy to work with. The Nachteule works. Easily attaches to my glasses, both thick rimmed and wire. Light is soft but plenty bright. Covers the pages easily. Easy to adjust direction of light. Great value. Great product.


Dont waste your time or money with other brands. This is the one!!! Excellent light! Its so lightweight you wouldn't think it would work. Its perfect!! I came back and purchased more for family and friends! The uses for this lil clip on light are endless. Dont hesitate!! You wont be disappointed.